Don't Spend the Rest of Your Life on the Registry

Don't Spend the Rest of Your Life on the Registry

Learn more about sex offender registry removal in Asheville, NC

There are many situations in which a person must register as a sex offender. But if you have sex offender status, all people know about you is that you were convicted of a sex crime. This status can make it difficult for you to get a job, secure housing or meet new people. If you're ready to appeal your status and return to your normal life, contact the Law Office of Joel Schechet in Asheville, North Carolina today.

3 things to know about getting off the sex offender registry

Wondering how to get your name off of the sex offender registry and move on with your life? Here are three things you should know before you petition to terminate your sex offender registration:

  1. You must file your petition in the district where you were convicted. You'll then be required to appear in court in that district.
  2. You must be cleared under the Jacob Wetterling Act, which involves violent sex crimes against children. The court must also clear you as a present threat to society.
  3. If your removal is denied, you must wait another full year before petitioning the district court again.
For more information about building your case, call the Law Office of Joel Schechet. Attorney Schechet can review the specific details of your situation and explain to steps toward terminating your sex offender registration.