Get the Representation You Need in Asheville, NC

Get the Representation You Need in Asheville, NC

Make sure you have a criminal defense attorney on your side - call The Law Office of Joel Schechet

Whenever you're charged with a crime, you'll want to find a criminal defense attorney you can trust. The Law Office of Joel Schechet can represent you if you're facing theft charges in Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas. Our theft attorney takes the time to understand every facet of every case and give every client his personal attention.

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The different kinds of theft charges

While it may seem simple on a surface level, theft can include a variety of different crimes. Just a few crimes that fall under this umbrella include:

Burglary - breaking into a residence or building with criminal intent
Robbery - taking property that belongs to another person with force
Petty theft - stealing low-value items, a common charge for shoplifting

Theft also includes larceny and grand larceny charges. If you're dealing with any kind of theft charge, you'll want a theft attorney. Our criminal defense attorney will make sure you understand your charges and represent you during your case. Contact us today if you need an attorney in the Asheville, NC area.